‘I had my whole body tattooed and modified – the process almost killed me’


A bodybuilder who became the first man in India to have his eyeballs fully tattooed claims to have accomplished his dream of becoming a “fully modified athlete”.

Karan, who is also known as ‘Tattoographer Karan’, has tattooed his full body, pierced himself more than 150 times and also modified body parts.

The 32-year-old from Delhi has split his own tongue, pierced his genitals and also had silicone implants added into his forehead – the procedure for which he alleges almost killed him.

He said: “I got two silicone implants on my forehead to get a sculpted appearance that would add a different dimension to my face.

“First of all, the area was opened up and silicone implants were [placed under the skin].

“During that process, my blood pressure and heartbeat went really low and I was about to die. But with God’s grace, I was revived.”

Karan doesn’t seem to regret having the modification though and instead has been showing off the results of his most recent transformation on Instagram with his 10,000 followers.

He also shared which of his many inkings are his favourite – and that would be an eye on his torso.

People on social media were divided over Karan’s update, with some branding him a “piece of art” and others thinking it was “crazy”.

“Yes you are a masterpiece,” commented one user.

“You are really a great piece of art,” replied a second.

“Superman,” proclaimed a third.

In another photograph, the athlete showed off his scarification wounds, and social media users were not quite as sure.

“Sir what have you done,” asked a different person.

“You are totally crazy bro..,” posted someone else.

Karan says carried out a number of his modifications himself.

He added: “Despite having so many tattoos, I just have one tattoo connected from front to back.

“I was very determined in my mind that even if the world hates me or boycotts me, I will go ahead with my dream and that is exactly what I did.”