‘My neighbour is accusing me of stealing his tree and says he’ll call the police’


As the warmer weather approaches, we’ll inevitably want to step outdoors and make the most out of the blazing sunshine.

However, the warmer months and soaring temperatures ultimately mean that we’ll come across one thing outdoors- our neighbours.

Whilst we plan to spend the hotter temperatures relaxed with our feet up – we ultimately want the garden to be visually appealing.

Approximately four summers ago, a woman decorated her garden with some willow tree cuttings that have now blossomed by exceeding 6ft in height.

However, a raging neighbour has accused the woman of theft and is demanding that the tree is returned – otherwise, he’ll call the police.

“So our neighbour has a lovely willow tree,” they said. “It does slightly overhang our border.

“However, I am very happy with that as it provides a lovely bit of shade in that corner of the garden which the kids sit under on hot evenings.

“Around four summers ago, I took several cuttings from this willow tree.

“I didn’t really think to ask at the time as they were nearly touching the floor of my garden and had no real impact on my neighbour’s life,” they explained.

“Instead of chucking them back over the fence aggressively… I decided to plant them to grow a bit of a willow garden in one corner.”

In the post, the woman described her shock at the extreme growth of the original willow cuttings – and has now surpassed the height of her fence.

“These willows have absolutely taken off,” she said. “There’s about six in total all taken from branch cuttings.

“They are really tall now and can be seen from over the fence (which is six foot!)”

Whilst the woman was initially ecstatic by the shocking growth – the neighbour next door thought otherwise – and is demanding that they be returned.

She continued: “My neighbour has recently seen them and is now demanding that his property is returned to him.

“He says I had no right to cut the willow and that they have always been his property even though I have nurtured them to life in the form of new trees.

“He says he will be contacting the police and threatening legal action,” she added.

“He told me that the willow is taken from cuttings of a family tree that was in his mother’s garden – and he considers it family property – which he wanted to hand down to his kids but I’ve now stolen that from him?

“He is absolutely crazy to be honest and I’ve had no previous dealings with him and I’m glad of that now!”

In a bid to seek assurance, the woman turned to users online as a desperate word of advice on where she stands regarding the matter.

Users shared a common theme as they told the woman to ignore her nightmare neighbour – with many urging her to ignore him.

“He is going to have to prove you didn’t offer them back, which he can’t,” one user commented. “He sounds insane.”

A third added: “Your neighbour is proper bonkers.”

However, some were quick to defend the neighbour – who was quite protective about his willow tree.

“Legally you should have offered any cuttings back to him” another penned.

“I know legally I should have,” the woman responded. “I just didn’t think at the time.

“I have already said to him how I got them – as I never thought in a million years that he would demand them back.”