Lad jokingly lists his ‘portable plunge pool’ for sale as temperatures soar


With Monday being the hottest day of the year so far and temperatures set to soar even further, it’s small wonder so many of us are frantically searching online for ways to keep cool.

And since the sun has got his hat on, there’s been a tremendous surge in consumers Googling everything from desk fans and portable air conditioning units to the classic paddling pool.

The ensuing scramble has even led one entrepreneurial Brit to jokingly set up a Facebook Ad selling his wheelie bin as a ‘portable plunge pool’.

Chris Davies, of Chester, posted: “With the temperatures hitting 30 degrees today (Monday), we all need to cool off and that’s where the portable plunge pool comes into its own!

“It fills up within five minutes and is available in black, brown or green. Family size also available in red”.

But if that doesn’t float your boat (or body) and you’re after a more conventional way to chill out, then you better be quick, as items such as parasols and water pistols have seen a huge rise in demand.

Michael Robinson, e-commerce expert at Salience Search Marketing, says: “ It’s easy to say that these are things the public should have stocked up on well in advance, but many of us have been promised scorching summers before that have failed to materialise!

“In the UK it’s hard to believe a heatwave until you’re smack bang in the middle of it, melting at your desk”.

He says this inevitably leads to many getting caught out and left frantically searching the internet for things such as ‘paddling pools in stock near me’ before setting off on a ‘fool’s errand to the local retail park’.

The below statistics show percentages of increase in Google searches for those items ‘near me’ over the past seven days.

Most searched for last-minute heatwave purchases
Paddling Pool – 6,500%
Portable Air Conditioner – 3,233%
Tower Fan – 2,275%
Super Soaker – 1,350%
Desk Fan – 1,133%
Parasol – 422%
Garden Sun Shade – 380%
Garden Sprinkler – 253%

Hints for securing those high demand items

1.First, get on the internet and check which nearby stores sell the item you’re looking for, then visit the retailer’s website and see if the item is in stock at your local store.

2.If the item is in stock, reserve it online before setting off, this prevents a wasted journey if there is only one left and someone buys it in-store before you arrive.

3.If you can see that an item is in stock but you’re unable to reserve it online, call the shop to confirm that they have it and see if a shop assistant can reserve it for you over the phone.

4.If you’re happy to wait a few days, click and collect might be your best option. Rather than hoping they still have paddling pools in stock come the weekend secure yourself one for collection before the rush.

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