Stefon Diggs told his brother: NFL only has 7-8 “spicy receivers,” most are easy to check


Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs thinks he and his brother, Cowboys cornerback Trevon Diggs, are among the NFL’s elite players at their positions — and he thinks the truly elite are a pretty small group.

Stefon told Sports Illustrated that he always knew Trevon would have no trouble covering most NFL wide receivers, and that he doesn’t think most of them can really do everything a great receiver needs to do.

“I told Tre this a while ago: ‘Bro, 70% of [NFL] receivers are gonna be easy to check,” Stefon said. “There’s only like seven to eight spicy receivers who can catch, can create separation, can run fast, can stop. . . .’ ”

Stefon Diggs also said there are only three NFL corners as “the only ones that really follow” No. 1 receivers week in and week out: Xavien Howard, Marshon Lattimore and Trevon. Stefon thinks highly of himself, and his little brother.