Drinks company defends fruity advert that was rejected for being too ‘obscene’


A drinks company has defended its use of a cheeky image in an advertising campaign after it was rejected for obscenity.

UK-based DASH sells water flavoured by “wonky fruit” as part of an effort to prevent food waste.

So it makes sense that the environmentally-conscious business would include fruity pictures in its promo material.

But the brand’s #lovewonky campaign, launched last week, appears to have left a sour taste in some mouths.

DASH has revealed it had to pull one image from the campaign as it did not comply with Transport for London’s advertising standards.

The offending picture was of the below misshapen aubergine.

But Londoners are still in for an eyeball, as a number of other snaps were approved as part of the campaign hoping to prove that “shape, and indeed size, really doesn’t matter.”

And other pictures of wonky fruit and veg, including bendy cucumbers and bulbous lemon have already sprung up in tube stations and bus stops around the city.

Explaining the decision, a TfL spokesperson told the Mirror: “This creative was rejected as it does not comply with our advertising policy. An alternative creative is currently running on our network.”

They added that the advert was rejected under Clause 2.3c of TfL’s advertising policy – it could reasonably be seen as distasteful, indecent or obscene, in its use of imagery, language or otherwise.

But DASH still stands by their aubergine, arguing it perfectly illustrates their important message.

Jack Scott, co-founder of DASH said: “We say there is nothing more wholesome than an aubergine in its natural glory.”

“Food waste is one of the biggest environmental challenges we face, and overcoming it means we can no longer reject fruit and veg based on looks. Every nutritional and flavourful misfit should have a home in our diets, and on our billboards.”

Wanting to give the picture “its moment in the spotlight”, the brand also carried a placard displaying the aubergine into Clapham tube station over the weekend.

And the stunt, which was publicised online, was branded as “genius” by several fruit lovers.

One wrote: “Love this. Keep championing the all the wonky ones.”

A second added: “This is amazing well done guys.”

And another said: “I don’t see anything wrong with this aubergine!! So funny seeing everyone’s reactions as they see the sign!!”