Sea fortress on sale for £50k – but ‘detached house’ listing has people very confused


When it comes to buying a new property, there are lots of things to consider.

But one buyer will have more to think through than most if they fancy making an offer on a unique lot going up for auction this month.

A grade two-listed sea fort used in the Second World War is up for sale. Found in the Humber Estuary, the imposing fort has been listed with a guide price of £50,000, according to Grimsby Live.

And it is fair to say the unique property, listed on Rightmove as a “detached house”, has got lots of people talking. After all, most homes weren’t designed for a garrison of 200 men.

Constructed between 1915 and 1919, Bull Sand Fort has a fascinating military history.

Armed during the Second World War, the fort is reinforced with concrete and its seaward side is fitted out with 12in of armour, designed to withstand gunfire from heavy naval units.

While it was once home to all manner of weapons, including powder guns, it was decommissioned in 1956.

So anyone interested should be aware it is “in need of refurbishment throughout”. But there are lots for investors to make use of, as the fort includes three floors with a basement and a magazine below sea level, plus a central two-storey observation tower.

There’s also a balcony and jetty, with access by “private boat only”.

News of the sale has delighted history buffs keen to see who will make the most of the opportunity, but it has also raised some eyebrows, leaving people with questions.

Reacting to the listing on Reddit, one person asked: “How do my bins get collected?”

Another joked: “No local buses! What an outrage.”

And one comment questioned: “Are there any Deliveroo people who have a private boat? I’m not gonna buy the property if I can’t get pizza delivered.”

While those questions have yet to be answered, the biggest mystery of all – who will buy the fort – may soon be answered, as the auction listed by Savills is to take place on July 19.